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Queen Elizabeth I - Photo of an original oil painting hanging along with other British Monarchs, in Government House - Wellington, NZ.
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Elizabeth I miniature by Nicholas Hilliard, 1590.
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She… said that when she came to the throne, she knew six languages better than her own, and because I said that that was a great virtue in a princess she said that there was no marvel in a woman learning to speak, but there would be in teaching her to hold her tongue."

M. de Maisse about Queen Elizabeth I and her foreign language knowledge. 

Source: Journal of M. de Maisse, French Ambassador at London, 1597-8; in Private Character of Queen Elizabeth by Frederick Chamberlin. 

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Anne Boleyn and Princess Elizabeth, the Last Farewell, c. 1833
Happy Mother’s Day! 
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Though the sex to which I belong is considered weak, you will nevertheless find me a rock that bends to no wind."
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The “Hampden” portrait of Elizabeth I of England, an early full-length portrait of the young queen in a red satin gownThe “Hampden” portrait, by Steven van der Meulen, ca. 1563. This is the earliest full-length portrait of the queen, made before the emergence of symbolic portraits representing the iconography of the “Virgin Queen”.
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Anne Boleyn’s falcon, painted underneath Elizabeth I’s coat of arms, St. Margaret’s Church, Tivetshall St. Margaret, Norfolk.